Monday, February 6, 2017

Listen to This: “TCR” by Sleaford Mods

I must be a music snob. While the masses were watching the Super Bowl, lapping up the greatest hits of Lady Gaga’s Bourgeois Pop, I stumbled across this gem just in time. It appears to have popped through to our time from the glory days of the UK scene when British music of all kinds was supreme. This song will never break the Top 40. It’s awkward. It’s f*uck-off snottiness isn’t trying to save the world. Its stream-of-consciousness narration is in direct contrast to the market-tested directness of what calls itself mainstream music.

I hear this song and I want to go to the local bar and sit in a corner, drinking a beer in my comfortable jeans and jacket, secure in my utter middle class-ness.

(audio source courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio)

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