Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hard, Fast, and Beautiful

Chicago Straw Poll #04: What Do You Think About Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza?

You can vote in this week’s poll until Sunday October 11th at noon. I’ll announce the final poll results on October 11th at 3:00pm on my radio show “The Million Year Trip” on CHIRP Radio. The best fill-in answer or comment in the comments section will get a shout-out and song dedication!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

David Hambleton

artwork by Richard Hambleton

Stick This In Your MP3 Player: "Shazon" by ScotDrakula

Get up and dance to this garage banger. "I'm gettin' high in the back seat." Repeat while playing loudly.

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Monday, October 5, 2015



Million Year Trip (Vol. 31): He Wore His Passion for His Woman Like a Thorny Crown...

These are the songs I played from 2:00pm-4:00pm during my DJ show The Million Year Trip on Sunday, October 4th on CHIRP Radio [Artist, “Song” (Album)]…

Nothing, "Endlessly" (Guilty of Everything)
Petite Noir, "MDR" (La Vie est Belle/Life Is Beautiful)
October Project, "Eyes of Mercy" (October Project)
Heat Dust, "Seeking a Praxis" (Heat Dust)
Kadavar, "Last Living Dinosaur" (Berlin)
Guided by Voices, "Motor Away" (Alien Lanes)
Billie Holiday, "You Better Go Now" (Billie Holiday's Greatest Hits)
Hall & Oates, "Sara Smile" (Hall & Oates)
Joe Jama, "Sleep Late My Lady Friend" (Royal Jesters: English Oldies)
Vashti Bunyan, "I Don't Know What Love Is" (Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind - Singles and Demos 1964-1967)
Empress Of, "Everything Is You" (Me)
U.S. Girls, "Window Shades" (Half Free)
[LOCAL BAND!] Earth, Wind & Fire, "Gratitude" (Gratitude)
[LOCAL BAND!] Protovulcan, "Making Eyes" (Stakes Is Low)
[LOCAL BAND!] Collages, "Two of Me"
Tidal Arms, "Mirror Box" (Tidal Arms)
Shellac, "Surveyor" (Dude Incredible)
Throwing Muses, "morning birds 1" (Purgatory/Paradise)
Girl Band, "Pears for Lunch" (Holding Hands With Jamie)
[LOCAL BAND!] The Tarts, "Angel Devil" (The Tarts)
MONAKR, "Diamond" (Diamond)
Lou Barlow, "Pulse" (Brace the Wave)
[LOCAL BAND!] Advance Base, "Trisha Please Come Home" (Nephew in the Wild)
Paul Simon, "Slip Slidin' Away" (Greatest Hits, Etc.)
Defeater, "December 1943" (Abandoned)
Georgia Ann Muldrow, "Larva" (The Worthnothings)
Panda Bear, "Untying the Knot" (Mr. Noah)
[LOCAL ARTIST!] Nicole Mitchell's Ice Crystal, "Adaptability" (Aquarius)

I'll be back on the air Sunday October 11th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm with another set of great music...check it out on CHIRP Radio!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Van Gogh

Stick This In Your MP3 Player: "Turn It Off" by Froth

It sounds like listening to a '50s garage band through an actual time machine, with all the cosmic distortion and interference swirling around the notes, only coming into focus briefly at the middle and end.

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