Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fascination / Express (Vol. 1)

This is the first issue of my weekly blog art and music e-zine. Thanks for looking at it. Make sure to click the links of the artists you see below and check out more of their work.

Visual Art

Jimmy Simpson

Martina Paukova

“Studio Les Gorges du Verdon,”
an editorial illustration created by
studio Cruschiform for the book collection “Douce France”


"Soma Gone Slapstick" by Kristin Hersh 

“Black Magic” by Band of Skulls

My Playlist

This is the playlist for my show on Sunday May 7 on CHIRP Radio:

  • U2 - I Threw a Brick Through a Window (October)
  • The Jam - Funeral Pyre (Snap!)
  • Future Of The Left - Sorry Dad, I Was Late for the Riots (The Plot Against Common Sense)
  • Bill Mackay - Persona (Esker)
  • Mark Lanegan Band - Beehive (Gargoyle)
  • Mountain Movers - Everyone Cares (Mountain Movers)
  • Julie Byrne - Natural Blue (Natural Blue)
  • Jars of Clay - Flood (Jars of Clay)
  • August Henrickson - Keep It On [Prod. J Dilla] (Keep It On)
  • Kode9 - Oh (Hyperdub 10.4)
  • Kool & The Gang - Open Sesame (Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track)
  • Black Lips - It Won't Be Long (Satan's Graffiti Or God's Art?)
  • WVWHITE - Drag Down (House of the Spiritual Athletes)
  • Savage Sister - Fractalfingers (Savage Sister)
  • Minutemen - Sell or Be Sold (What Makes a Man Start Fires?)
  • The Almanac Singers - I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister [All I Want] (Talking Union)
  • Charles Mingus - Freedom / Island / Warning: Augmented / Jump Monk (Weary Blues)
  • ABC - How to Be a Millionaire (How To Be A... Zillionaire!)
  • Slowdive - Star Roving (Slowdive)
  • Mazes - Twinning (The Violet Tapes)
  • Material Issue - Very First Lie (International Pop Overthrow)
  • Andy Armstrong - Riverboat (Follow the Sun)
  • Gary Davenport - Sarra (Sky Girl)
  • Future Islands - Cave (The Far Field)
  • Wang Chung - Don't Let Go (Points on the Curve)
  • The Krash Band - So I Can Make This Change (Eccentric Soul: Sitting in the Park)
  • Mary Lattimore - Your Glossy Camry (Collected Pieces)

The Planets This Week

Sun in Taurus: Security is the name of the game. Loyalty and longevity reign supreme.
Mercury in Taurus: Down to Earth and common sense thoughts and words are better.
Venus in Aries: The quest for Love and Beauty is direct and insistent. A time for bold gestures.
Mars in Gemini: Fiery energies might get scattered and unfocused. Stay the course.
Jupiter in Libra: Good things come when focusing on equality, partnerships, and graceful actions.
Saturn in Sagittarius: Good times and adventure must deal with responsibility and reality.
Uranus in Aries: Revolutionary change backed up by the courage to make it happen.
Neptune in Pisces: Self dissolves into inner and outer worlds revealing new ways of thinking
Pluto in Capricorn: Structures and organizations go down...hard.

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