Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Song For the 3rd of the Month: "Three Is a Magic Number" by Blind Melon

Here's my salute to songs with numbers in them. Every day this month, I'll select a song with the number of the month in the title.

To celebrate the 3rd day of the month, here’s “Three Is a Magic Number” by ‘90s Alternative Pop band Blind Melon. Their lead singer, Shannon Hoon, died of a drug overdose years ago while the band was at its peak in the worlds of MTV and College Radio, their biggest hit being “No Rain.” This song is taken from the legendary School House Rock educational series that I remember fondly from my Saturday morning TV watching. It’s a sweet psychedelic rocker that fits the series’ ‘60s-inspired animation style well.

What songs do you like with "Three" in the title? Leave ideas in the comments!

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