Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Hate Politics: The Simplest, Safest Revolution Ever

We are at a dangerous and depressing crossroads in American politics. The two person field for President of the United States is the worst in history. On one hand is sociopath and all-around disgusting human being Donald Trump. On the other is scandal-ridden, anti-feminist, anti-poor-people, warmongering corporate stooge Hillary Clinton.

It’s a great time not to bother voting. But you should. Why? The only answer I have is: because if you’re an American citizen it’s your right and duty.

Despite what the mainstream media wants you to think, your choices in this fall’s election are NOT:
  1. Vote for Trump
  2. Vote for Hillary
  3. Don’t vote
Vote for a 3rd party candidate - there are at least of couple of them on every ballot. Write in one of the candidates who lost or dropped out of the primaries (Sanders, Kasich, etc.). Write in your own candidate (I’m leaning toward Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon). Write in “None of the Above” and leave it at that.

The consultants and strategists working for both Democratic and Republican parties are counting on people staying home or voting for someone because they think they don’t have a choice. Wouldn’t it be cool if all eligible voters came out and voted how they wanted? Plus, there are races in Congress, state, and legislature that DO matter very much to you. You should participate.

What about the argument that if you don’t vote for Hillary, that just makes it easier for Trump to get elected? My response is: Then too bad for Hillary. I don’t cast my vote to cancel out someone else’s vote. I vote for whoever I think is best of the job. If Trump does win, the only people who deserve blame are the people who voted for Trump. If Clinton gets elected, the only people to blame are the people who voted for Clinton. And they will know who they are.

Politically, we have it pretty good in the USA. We don’t have to strap on guns and fight in the streets to figure out who the next leader is going to be. We don’t have to bow down to a monarchy, either. A revolution CAN happen within the confines of a process - the revolution we need is to be free of a 2-party system that is disconnected from the interests of the people.

Just keep in mind that the Democratic and Republican parties are not public agencies. You don’t HAVE to vote for them, even though the GOP spends a lot of time trying to set things up so certain groups of people can’t vote and the Democrats is doing their best to put the ultimate insider into office.

So vote. And don’t vote for Clinton or Trump.

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