Monday, June 13, 2016

The Million Year Trip (Vol. 47): You Will See Light In the Darkness...

Here’s the setlist that I played on my show on CHIRP Radio on Sunday, June 12th. Setting the right tone for the set was important, as the news about the murders in Orlando, FL was still coming in. Not really a time for irreverence or flippancy or party music. I led off with the Blues and R&B I was planning to play in honor of the Chicago Blues Festival...
  • 88 and Group - Rosie (Parchman Farm Photographs & Field Recordings 1947–1959) A compilation of field recordings of work songs by prisoners of the notorious southern prison camp
  • Robert Johnson - Stop Breakin' Down Blues (King of the Delta Blues Singers)
  • Dinah Washington - Please Send Me Someone to Love (Classic Dinah Washington)
  • Louis Jordan - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (The Best of Louis Jordan)
  • Brian Case - Pattern I (Tense Nature)
  • Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex - Lookout (Denver)
  • Andre Williams - I Don't Like You No More (I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City) A new album from a veteran Blues man
  • John Lee Hooker - The Motor City Is Burning (The Best of John Lee Hooker: 1965 to 1974)
  • A fantastic Blues cut
  • Alessandro Adriani - Montagne Trasparenti (Montagne Trasparenti)
  • The Police - Secret Journey (Ghost in the Machine)
  • Chris Cohen - Yesterdays on My Mind (As If Apart)
  • Jimmy Cliff (Sitting in Limbo) From the eternally great 1972 soundtrack to the film The Harder They Come
  • Pure X - Twisted Mirror (Pleasure)
  • Space Blood - Domestic Time Traveller (There Will Be...)
  • Wire - Adapt (Red Barked Tree)
  • Panda Bear - Crosswords (Crosswords EP)
  • Beth Orton - Petals (Kidsticks) A beautiful album that keeps getting better the more I listen to it
  • Damien Jurardo - Exit 353 (Visions of Us on the Land)
  • FEWS - 100 Goosebumps (Means)
  • The Connells - Disappointed (Ring)
  • Young Magic - IWY (Still Life)
  • Django Django - Breaking the Glass (Born Under Saturn)
  • Silver Abuse - Abducted By the Lobstermen (Bisque Version) (Consider the Pigeon)
  • Horisont - Diamonds in Orbit (Time Warriors)
  • Round Eye - Meet 'N' The Boys (Round Eye)
  • Dave Douglas - First Things First (High Risk)
  • Virus - Afield (Memento Collider)
I’ll be back on the air on Sunday June 19th at 2:00pm Central Time with more music on CHIRP Radio.

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