Monday, January 18, 2016

GLI Press Song of the Week: "4U PT. 2" by HOOPS

The GLI Press Song of the Week roams the internet looking for the best in shared new music.

This week’s GLI Press Song of the Week is “4U PT. 2” by HOOPS (aka Drew Auscherman), a musician who I think is from Indiana. The music feels a lot like the Makeout Videotape (Mac Demarco) EP Heatwave! in its combination of low-fi DIY production, strong melodic content, and enigmatic persona. Auscherman's music (on this trackm at least) is a bit more sunny-sweet, leaning toward psych-pop romanticism.

He’s made two mix tapes available for download on the Gorilla Vs. Bear site. Hopefully we’ll get to hear even more soon.


Other Highlights:

Haroon Mirza demonstrates the locked groove turntable technique. It's a very interesting kind of musical construction. If you’re not careful, you’ll soon find yourself in an electro-trance.

CHIRP Radio in Chicago has produced a new Factory Session, this one featuring the legendary No-Wave band ONO, still making music and not compromising after more than 30 years. Avant-Garde grooves and beats combined with vivid and blunt in-your-face social-political lyrical artistry.

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