Monday, November 2, 2015

The Million Year Trip, Vol. 35: If I Didn't Know to Be Afraid, the Faces Make Me Sure I Do Now

These are the songs I played from 2:00pm-4:00pm during my DJ show The Million Year Trip on Sunday, November 1st on CHIRP Radio [Artist, “Song” (Album)]…

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Crossroad Hop" (Freedom Tower - No Wave Dance Party 2015)
The Stooges, "Shake Appeal" (Raw Power)
[LOCAL BAND!] Tar, "Teetering" (1988-1995)
Diät, "Nausea" (Positive Energy)
Hooverphonic, "2Wicky" (A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular)
Ryan Hemsworth, "Happiness & Dreams Forever" (Guilt Trips)
[LOCAL BAND!] Soddy Daisy, "WEAK Radio" (Trashtopia)
The Crystals, "Heartbreaker"
Gary Lewis & The Playboys, "Without a Word of Warning”
Suggie Otis, "Special" (Wings of Love)
Fuzz, "Pollinate" (II)
Heaven’s Gate, "Amanda Berry" (Woman at Night)
All Them Witches, "Open Passageways" (Dying Surfer Meets His Maker)
[LOCAL ARTIST!] Topaz, "Singa"
Lucrecia Dalt, "Mohán" (Commotus)
Local Natives, "Black Spot" (Hummingbird)
Protomartyr, "Trust Me Billy" (Under Color of Official Right)
[LOCAL BAND!] Riddles, "It’s One Thing to Say"
JR JR, "Gone" (JR JR)
[LOCAL ARTIST!] Ryley Walker, "Primrose Green" (Primrose Green)
Horrisont, "Flying" (Odyssey)
Deladoorian, "Violet Minded" (The Expanding Flower Planet)
Dan Friel, "Life (Pt. 1)" (Life)
!!!, "Every Little Bit Counts" (As If)
[LOCAL ARTIST!] Sam Burkhardt, "Fly Over"
Mrs.Paintbrush, "Coffemilque" (Dead Osprey Sewer EP)
Junip, "Your Life Your Call" (Junip)
Washed Out, "Amor Fati" (Within and Without)
[LOCAL ARTIST!] Nicole Mitchell, "Yearning" (Aquarius)

I'll be back on the air Sunday November 8th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm with another set of great music...check it out on CHIRP Radio!

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