Friday, June 5, 2015

The Million Year Trip (Vol. 22): No Time to Rest, We've Got Work In the Studio...

These are the songs I played from 2:00pm-4:00pm during my DJ show The Million Year Trip on Sunday, May 31th 2015 on CHIRP Radio [Artist, “Song” (Album)]…

Led Zeppelin, "How Many More Times" (Led Zeppelin)
The Alarm , "Rain In the Summertime" (Eye of the Hurricane)
Mikal Cronin, "I've Been Loved" (MCIII)
Aimee Mann, "Build That Wall" (Soundtrack to 'Magnolia')
John Andrews & The Yawns, "Trouble (Tapes)" (Bit By the Fang)
Coliseum, "Dark Light of Seduction" (Anxiety's Kiss)
Natalia Clavier, "Dormida" (Nectar)
Squarepusher, "Exjag Nives" (Demogen Furies)
[CHICAGO BAND!] The Fire Show, "Useless Romo Cravings" (Saint The Fire Show)
[CHICAGO ARTIST!] William Staffey, "Dark Kind of Guy" (Accidents & Melodies)
Makaya McCraven, "Three-Fifths a Man" (In the Moment)
Tom T. Hall, "Homecoming" (Homecoming)
Mal Waldron, "All That Funk" (Spanish Bitch)
Howard Serratt, "Make Room in the Lifeboat for Me" (Make Room in the Lfeboat for Me)
Pyramids, "I Have Four Sons, All Named for Men We Lost to War" (A Northern Meadow)
Nai Harvest, "Drinking Bleach" (Hairball)
[CHICAGO ARTIST!] Lili K., "Refreshing" (Ruby)
De La Soul, "This is a Recording 4 Living in a Fulltime Era (L.I.F.E.)" (3 Feet High and Rising)
White Denim, "Jay Time (Hard Stuff Cover)"
Best Coast, "So Unaware" (California Nights)
[CHICAGO BAND!] The Prophets, "Sad on Me" (The Quill Records Story)
Tribulation, "The Mortherhood of God" (The Children of the Night)
The Ramones, "Endless Vacation" (Weird Tales of The Ramones)
Sonny Rollins, "Moritat" (Saxophone Colossus)

I'll be back on the air Sunday June 6th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm with another set of great music...check it out on CHIRP Radio!

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