Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Hate Politics: Whose Side Are You On?

When taking time to stop to think about it, it’s terrifying to understand that we Americans still live in a time where we can be murdered only because of our race. The Civil War was over 100 years ago, but the issues behind it have never left.

There can be no silver lining to the killing of nine people by a bloodthirsty savage who thought murdering people in a church would help start a race war. But the spotlight it has put on how racist culture is ingrained in American society is on full power. Politicians all over the South are being asked to declare their position on continuing to fly the battle flag of the treasonous Confederate Army, a flag that for decades has been code for “Whites only” and “Watch out, n*gger.” There is a right answer here, and a politician who doesn’t get it right doesn’t deserve to hold an office in America in 2015.

There’s no more ignoring it: Either you’re with us, or you’re with the terrorists. I don’t care if you hate Negroes. But the state has no business catering to your backward ways in the name of “tradition.” Your tradition is poisonous and hateful and should not be tolerated in public.

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