Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Hate Politics: Is There Any Difference Between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama?

A blast from the Past from the days when we were actually seriously considering Mitt Romney for President of the United States:

I can't wait for this election to be over. Neither candidate has covered himself in glory. Obama has been disappointing, and no, the fact that he signaled he would be disappointing before he took office doesn't make that OK. His use of drone attacks in the Middle East is immoral and shameful. His record on government abuse of security power and human rights is arguably worse than Bush's. He's been way too much of a conciliator with the lunatics on the Right and accommodating of the usual monied interests who finance campaigns. If he loses, it will not be because he was too bold with his plans for America, it will be because he wasn't bold enough.

That being said, if Romney wins, two things will happen: 1. the all-time historic gap between rich and poor will get even wider. 2. The US will go to war with someone in the Middle East (pick a country: Syria, Iran, Iraq again). How do I know this? 30 years of watching Republicans govern. On balance, I'll take the flaws and uncertainty over the clear path back to the crapper. The choice is Obama.

A quick word to those who think they are making some kind of statement by not voting: that might make you feel better, but don't think anyone will care that you chose not to participate. It's your right. It's fairly simple to do and doesn't take much time. You don't like the candidates? Then write someone in. Passive-aggressiveness doesn't look good on anyone.

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