Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Hate Politics: So It’s Gay Marriage, Then

I first wrote this brief article back in 2012, when there was a possibility of the United States of America being led by a President Romney. It's incredible how much as changed since then on the gay marriage issue. ALABAMA is on the verge of allowing it! I love liberals, and I love progress. March on, America.

It’s official: Obama is pro gay marriage. Romney is against it. There's your election right there.

I had been looking for something to tell the difference between these candidates. They both ignore the poor. They both support the banks, millionaires, and billionaires that fund their campaigns. They both seem to have no problem with things like warrantless wiretapping and the continued use of illegal military actions overseas. And they both “believe in America.”

This campaign just got much more interesting, though, due to this one issue. The result is going to show where America is in 2012. I’m guessing the non-bigots who turned out in 2008 will help in 2012, but who knows? One thing seems sure – one of these guys just lost the election this week. Who was it?

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