Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Hate Politics #4: Half An Obama > A Whole Lotta Romney

Originally written back in 2012...

Finally, Newt Gingirch and is maniacal lust for power are going away. I hope this is the last of his Presidential campaigns. Gingrich, Palin, Cain, and Bachman are a Rogues’ gallery of ego-driven right-wing candidates whose only selling point is “I’m not Obama.” The ability to govern? That's a distant second priority.

Speaking of which, I was watching Frontline's documentary about the financial crisis and Great Recession. They had a segment on the time John McCain officially suspended his campaign and figuratively parachuted into Washington DC to "take care of business." If Frontline's account is accurate, THANK GOD John McCain didn't become President. And if the last dozen or so candidates that have been given the spotlight are the best the GOP can do, they should be banned from politics, because they're wasting everyone's time.

So it’s Obama Vs. Romney. Obama's campaign sent me an e-mail on Monday asking me to give him some money. I'm not giving him any. By all accounts, he has more than enough. He should give ME money. Just kidding. That would be a bribe, even though I'm going to vote for him anyway. Romney is not going to win.

While I respect him as a person, Obama has been disappointing as a President in many important areas. There have been no significant changes in the way the global economy works. The illegal surveillance of American citizens by our government continues. Drone attacks, the most cowardly way to fight a war ever invented, are now commonplace. The morons who run the Tea Party continue to call the shots from Congress (not Obama's fault) and Obama continues to placate and capitulate while calling it compromise (very much his fault).

Despite this, I'm not ready to replace Obama with Mega-Millions Mitt ("Triple M" for short - I wonder if I can get that meme started?). Supposedly Mitt has a plan to fix the economy and get us “back on track.” No one other than the Board of Directors has seen it, though, which is how it works in Corporate America. The rank and file will be given the details at the appropriate time. If this is how you like your leaders to lead, you should vote for Triple M, I guess. But it won't matter, because he's not going to win.

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