Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Hate Politics #3: The Un-Serious Election

So more random thoughts from a previous campaign that no one cares about anymore...

So Santorum has called it a campaign. Who's Dan Savage going to pick on now?

It took me a few days to find out after the news broke, as I already don't care about this "Horse Race" between the Republicans to see who's going to have the honor of losing to Obama this fall. I feel like Santorum's supporters, as well as those of any other candidate this year, deep in their gut, know that they can't win. So you might as well make a show of it by supporting the candidate who stands against everything you hate - the blacks, the poor, the gays, the liberated women, aka the people who put Obama in office in the first place.

There isn't really more to say that hasn't been said about this Republican primary season. Romney's already losing to Obama by double digit percentage points in several demographics, and the more people watch him and listen to him between now and November, that margin is probably going to get wider.

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