Monday, October 6, 2014

Why Do So Many Blogs Fail?

There are millions of blogs out there that started, then stopped due to lack of interest from readers, which led to lack of desire from writers to put the time in to producer new content.

Why do blog writers quit? Mainly because they don’t have an audience. Why don’t they have an audience? Some of them quit before their blog has had a chance to be found. Others are afraid that they do not have enough expertise on a subject to have an opinion on it, when they do. Still others have ugly layouts or are stuffed with so many ads that pages take forever to load.

But more often, too many blogs are too personal. Posts are written about the minutiae of life that may seem interesting to you or your close circle of friends, and it is...TO YOU. Don’t take this the wrong way, but in the great expanse of the Internet, nobody cares about your kids, what you had for breakfast, or that you’re sad today.

Try this thought experiment: If you have a blog topic, picture yourself standing on a street corner, or in a crowded bar. If you were to talk to random people about your topic, what would their reaction be? Would they respond with interest, maybe even want to start a conversation? Or would you be met with a “why are you telling me this?” look?

The same applies to blogging. It’s a public space, so talk about things someone you've never met before might be interested in. Stick to this general principle, and your blog posts may start to get the attention you want.

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