Friday, October 10, 2014

How Soon Before Drones Start Bombing U.S. Citizens in the United States?

The John Oliver report last week was terrifying. Innocent people are being slaughtered by bombs dropped from flying robots out of the clear blue sky. They tried to make the report funny, but there’s no denying how horrific these sanctioned war crimes are:

How soon before a foreign government develops the same technology and starts sending drones over U.S. skies to preemptively take out Americans they deem a threat to their security, collateral damage be damned?

Or before the U.S. government, acting in the name of protecting us from terror, starts picking out targets on American soil and letting bombs fly?

President Obama’s normalizing of drone strikes in war is biggest step in killing technology since the invention of the atomic bomb. It won’t be long before Americans will be looking up at the clear blue sky wondering if it means their deaths.

The Prediction: By Jan 1, 2024, a U.S. citizen will be killed by a drone in the United States

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