Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Repeater: How We Survive: The Deepening Homeless Crisis

FROM 2009: Since the current recession started, there have been some truly outstanding news reports about how the crisis started and its effect on Americans. Most of these reports have come from public or independent media.

Here’s another one: The radio program Making Contact has produced a show called “How We Survive: The Deepening Homeless Crisis.”

Highlights of the show include an interview with a family that, due to being evicted from their home, is forced to live out of their trailer. It’s a very intimate and human look at an average family that’s forced into dire circumstances.

There is also a talk with a man who is helping homeless people squat in abandoned and foreclosed empty houses.

Interestingly, many homeowners who live in the same neighborhood as these squatters don’t mind the trespassing, since they would rather have a responsible neighbor living in a house for free than live next to an abandoned property that’s a target for scavengers and drug dealers.

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