Monday, August 19, 2013

Music Notes: My Radio Show Set List from 8/18/13

Here's the list of music I played on my radio show on Sunday the 18th:

The Jam, "Strange Town" from Snap! (Polydor) - Pretty much any song from this album is worth playing at any time. A classic.
Guided by Voices, "Tractor Rape Chain" from Bee Thousand (Scat) - Another album where you can pick a track at random and you'll hear something you'll take with you from then on.
White+Outs, "Lotto" from Maybe Chicago (Protomesh) - This is a compilation of tracks from Chicago's '80s Punk scene. We can't play most of it on air because of profanities, but it's great stuff.
The Octopus Project, "Whitby" from Fever Forms (Peek-A-Boo)
Adam & The Ants, "Antmusic" from Kings Of The Wild Frontier (Epic) - "So unplug the jukebox, and do us all a favor. That music's lost its taste, so try another flavor...Antmusic!"
They Might be Giants, "Hearing Aid" from Flood (Elektra) - I don't think any other band has been so consistently good at making the odd sound so transcendent.
Matt Ulery's Loom, "Under Other" from Wake an Echo (Greenleaf Music)
Kate Adams, "Breakdown" (Self-Released) - A very nice acoustic rendition of the Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers song.
Utah Carol, "Come Back Baby" from Rodeo Queen (Stomping Ground) - A gorgeous Country ballad that gets wistful without getting soggy.
R.E.M., "Half a World Away" from Out of Time (Warner Bros.) - I'm glad this band got to go out on their own terms.
Daniel Wohl, "Neighborhood" from Corps Exquis (New Amsterdam)
Medicine, "The End of the Line" from To the Happy Few (Captured Tracks)
Pond, "Giant Tortoise" from Hobo Rocket (Moduar)
The Non-Travellin' Band, "A Midnight Ride" from Never Prayed Once (Moon Glyph) - I can't stop playing this record.
Nirvana, "Polly (Demo)" from With the Lights Out (DGC) - This is a different version from what's on Nevermind. It's also a sample of what might have been if the production was different on that album e.g. just put the band in a room and let 'er rip.
Blank Dogs, "Tin Birds" from Under and Under (In the Red) - A Joy Division seance that does right by its predecessor.
The Animals, "Bury My Body" from Animal Tracks (MGM) - The Rolling Stones get the all the attention (and fame and money), but it's the Animals, with Eric Burdon's vocals, who actually nailed a sound that did justice to the Black roots music that fueled the British Invasion.
True Widow, "Creeper" from Circumambulation (Relapse)
The Orb, "Little Puffy Clouds" from The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (Big Life)
To Rococo Rot, "Forwardness" from Speculation (Domino)
Ikonica, "Beach Mode (Keep it Simple) [feat. Jessy Lanza]"  from Aerotropolis (Hyperdub)
Steve Arrington + Dam Funk, "Blow Your Mind" from Higher (Stones Throw)
Stevie Wonder, "Master Blaster (Jammin')" from Hotter Than July (Tamla)
Allá, "Without U" from #FeedTheDragon Vol. 1 (Self-Released) - Volumes 2 and 3 should be out before the end of the year. They are one of those bands that take their time releasing records, but it's okay because what they release is so great.
David Lynch, "The Line It Curves" from The Big Dream (Captured Tracks)
Anciients, "Faith and Oath" from Heart of Oak (Season of Mist)
Outside World, "Identity Parade" from Seaside Nowhere (Night-People)

You can see all of the songs I've played on CHIRP Radio's Web site. And be sure to tune in to my show Sundays from 2:00pm to 4:00pm Central Time!

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