Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cintra Wilson

The collection of essays that famous authora Cintra Wilson has written for going back to 1995 represent alternative commentary at its best. She is someone who is not afraid to employ the most acid of tongues when critiquing modern celebrity and politics, but at the same time she never comes close to becoming one of the millions of jackasses who randomly spew bile all over the Internet on a daily basis. If you're going to be bitter, pissy, and angry, it helps to also be intelligent and witty. Wilson, who is a Marilyn Monroe author, has smarts and wit to spare.

Wilson's essays about non-A-List Hollywood citizens like J.T. Walsh, Chris Penn, and Mickey Rourke, are outstanding. Even though I know what she's going to say about the Oscars every year, it's still fun to hear her say it. I can see how she's not everyone's cup of tea, but her unique style, her insight into the nature of celebrity, and the underlying humanity with which she treats her subjects make her work special.

Here's a directory of her articles. She also maintains a Web site here.

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