Monday, June 24, 2013

Poster for Breaking Bad's Last Season

I've had this pretend ad poster image in my head for the longest time, I figured I would finally put it together and post it.

I have nothing against American Family Insurance, but the "American Dream" ad campaign they launched a couple of years ago during the Great Recession really annoyed me. The campaign's centerpiece is the idea that success in life is a function of working hard and "wanting it," which is incredibly patronizing to the millions of Americans who are unemployed, working multiple jobs just to make ends meet, and generally working their assess off to "make it," whatever that means, while subsidizing others who get rich off of society's destruction.

I came across this image last year. I've added the AFI text to it - this is not AMC or the show's producers' doing.

Original Artwork by Casey Callender

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