Wednesday, June 12, 2013

InfoGraphic: The Battle Between Digital and Print

The Web site has this very interesting graphic that shows the ongoing changes being brought about by digital publishing. It shows how, while the technology of e-readers and digital print have made inroads among early adopters (particularly students), a significant portion of the population still prefers the "old technology" of books made of paper.

To me, these findings parallel what is currently going on in the world of music, where the MP3 format has taken over as the media of choice, but some folks still prefer the intimacy and quality of vinyl records. And while Apple and Google spend millions trying to convince consumers to put their tunes in "the cloud," a good number of fans still prefer to own their music collection, rather than giving it to a company who then rents it back to them.

The original article is here. Thanks to for putting it together!

E-Textbooks Infographic

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