Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Hate Politics #1: And They're Off!

It’s election year again. Instead of sitting around silently fuming about what's going on, I’ve decided to blog about it, if only to provide an outlet for the frustration and disgust that I feel toward the political process.

I'm not someone who thinks that voting is a waste of time, especially at the local and state level. The national political scene, though, is becoming more an more of a cartoon every two years it's time to pick who goes to Washington.

First, a prediction, based on what I've seen so far. NONE of the Republican candidates are going to beat Barrack Obama this November. None of them. The one with the best chance, Mitt Romney, can't even get solid support from his own party. Plus, he's already talking about of both sides of his mouth when it comes to "ObamaCare," a concept that was just fine when he was Governor of Massachusetts. Plus, whenever he opens his mouth he can't seem to stop talking about how he's going to lead like he did as a business consultant and hedge-fund manager, which just doesn't sound right in our current economic and political climate.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum continues to prove why this country is better off not being run by a racist Jesus freak. And Newt Gingrich continues his delusion that this is the 1990s and Americans have forgotten his Contract on America.

At least Bachman had the decency to drop out to spend more time with her closeted husband and 53 grandchildren.

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