Monday, October 11, 2010

Stick This In Your MP3 Player: Warpaint, “Undertow”

Warpaint is an LA band that formed in 2004. Their first full-length album, The Fool, is set to release later this month. If the single “Undertow” is indicative of what else is on that album, it will be well worth seeking out.

The song has a sparse, undulating, slinky arrangement that sounds like its trying to slip straight into the unconscious parts of your brain. The lyric’s effective imagery of water, what’s lurking beneath the surface, and its intentions (Malice? Lust?) is made even more provocative by the band member’s half-whispered harmonies that remind me of the Greek Sirens.

“Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?” “Nobody ever has to find out what’s in my mind tonight.” Whether it’s a warning or an invitation (maybe both), the groovy intimacy is hard to resist.

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Click here for a free download of “Undertow” (courtesy of the Gorilla Vs. Bear site)

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