Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stick This in Your MP3 Player: Lightning Bolt

There is no room in pop music for Providence, RI duo Lightning Bolt. They play a vicious hybrid of metal, alternative rock, and avant-garde jazz with astonishing speed and dexterity. It's the kind of music that is ready-made to be mocked and dismissed by people who "just can't understand how anyone could listen to this."

No doubt, for some listeners it will be too loud, too aggressive, too far outside the bounds of what music is supposed to be. This band is truly fierce, and must be shunned if the current order is to be maintained.

The constancy of the music is what's most upsetting to the normal routine. It doesn't stop for a sensitive acoustic ballad, or a cameo from a flavor-of-the-month DJ or pop singer. It just keeps going, taking direct aim at the reptilian portion of the brain and pumping it full of blood.

I imagine ancient societies created similar sounds while preparing for battle, or as a way to work themselves into a frenzy in order to better commune with the gods.

Do not play this band if you're looking to unwind, or you want something casual or warm and fuzzy. But if you want something real, give these guys a listen. Their work might just change the way you think about what music is.

Click here to go to the band’s Web site.

Click here to go to the band’s Wikipedia page.

Click Here to get a free taste of Lightning (courtesy of the Free Music Archive)

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