Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stick This In Your MP3 Player: A DJ Mix Tape from Korallreven

As electronic music continues to deepen its history to rival the longevity of rock and roll, I feel like we’re entering a new era. The novelty of sampling and electronic effects is pretty much over, and a generation that was born after synthesizers were invented begins is now dominating the music landscape.

One of those artists is Swedish band Korallreven. From what I can discern from cursory searches on the Internet, this is a relatively new band, but their output is incredibly advanced in terms of their understanding of electo music and what it can do to create atmosphere as well as melodies. The music they spin is dreamy, opaque, and sensual. Anyone with a taste for electronica should give this band a listen.

Their 20+ minute mix-tape “A Dream” is a fantastic journey through their own songs and tracks from others in their aural orbit. Letting the sounds wash over you, it sounds like the background music to Heaven.

Click here to get some Korallreven via the Gorilla Vs. Bear site.

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