Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini TV Review: Outsourced

Basic Plot: A young American corporate manager is sent to India to manage his company’s call center, and must navigate the cultural differences he finds with his new employees.

Review: I am now a 20 year veteran of watching NBC sitcoms, and much like a wine drinker who has been faithfully consuming and appreciating the plusses and minuses of new offerings, I think I have a pretty good pallet for what does and doesn’t work. This show doesn’t.

The initial setup is not bad, but it’s about ten years too late. Outsourcing, once a front-page topic, is now old news, and not very funny for people who lost their jobs because their employer decided to go cheaper overseas. It’s not surprising that two non-Indian co-stars (including the always reliable Diedrich Bader) have already been introduced to provide some flexibility in the narrative, which I feel will soon involved pushing several of the Indian characters even further into the background.

Pretty much all of the humor is based on how the Western and Indian characters Indians don’t understand each other. American ignorance of foreign cultures is good for a laugh or two, but I don’t see how this show is going to make it through an entire season, let alone multiple years, without quickly reverting to standard sitcom templates. I’d be surprised to see this show on the air next season, or even sooner.

My Rating: 3/10 (“Didn’t Like It”)


  1. There's often a problem adapting movies to sitcoms. The movie had a lot more dramatic elements. The sitcom is also missing the exterior shots of India. The sitcom feels rushed when it should be expanding on the movie themes.

  2. @ Anonymous --
    That's a good point. Other than an opening scene where the main character is traveling to the office, the show could have pretty much been anywhere in the world.