Friday, March 30, 2018

Sit-In Factory Strike in Chicago

[originally published December 2008]

I want to help spread the word about this story - workers at Republic Windows and Doors have been staging a sit-in at their Chicago factory to protest the company's decision to lay off workers because Bank of America (one of the recipients of the Federal bailout loan package) has cut the company's credit. The workers want what was promised to them, and they're taking action.


  1. Let's see... Doors and windows go into buildings and construction is in the toilet now... we have a financial crisis because banks were lending money to people who couldn't pay it back... so now people are up in arms because a bank won't lend money to a company that most likely can't pay it back... sigh, just call in the bailout brigade and dump a couple of billion on them and call it good. Heck, the taxpayers won't mind.

  2. Anon totally missed the point.

    Somehow, like a shotgun blast at the side of a barn, complete miss.

    I do not entirely understand how it happens myself, but as you can see, it can happen without warning.