Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vintage Web: John T. Reed Vs. Robert K. Kiyosaki

John T. Reed, an independent Web publisher, has produced a Web site with extensive, detailed analysis that debunks real estate guru and motivational speaker Robert K. Kiyosaki, originator of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of financial books and advice.

The thoroughness of Reed's arguments is impressive, as well as his uncompromising position - he thinks Kiyosaki is full of it, and backs up his claims with research, logic, and evidence. It's an impressive effort and a great example of citizen journalism on the Web.


  1. It's funny how some people can be bought by words such as "secret to success," or "get rich quick," while another equally stupid group can be convinced by "facts", "logic", and "proven methods". John T Reed is just as full of himself as any other "guru" out there. He's looking out for his own interests.

    At first, I was actually convinced that he has successfully debunked ever guru out there. I thought he MUST have all the answers. I was wrong. John T. Reed is no doubt a good writer, but his motives are just as questionable as any guru who claims to have the secrets to succeeding.

    How can John T. Reed write an objective review about other financial authors, if he is trying to promote his own books? Why does he have to 'debunk' other guru's to prove his method's are somehow superior? It is like Pepsi doing a review of Coke. The reviews of John's "gurus" could just as well be a mix of fact and fiction to get you to buy his books.

    I hate to be anal about this, but it seems like it's just in his interest to give negative reviews and debunk other authors or gurus. In other words, John's heavy negativity and criticism leads one to believe he might be bias for a reason. I could be wrong, but for now I'll continue to question it. John T. Reed makes a great effort in his writings, but I can't get over his site. I'll stick with Kiyosaki for now.

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